Friday, October 10, 2008

Angry Voters

In my opinion, this campaign is getting dangerously nasty. A story on MPR/NPR yesterday stated that in the last month, 100% of McCain's TV ads fell into the "negative" category and a third of Obama's did as well. The difference, according to the researcher, was that the negative ads of the McCain campaign attacked the character of his opponent while the negative ads of Obama's campaign attacked the ideas of the opponent.

1) We know that in the past, at least, negative campaigning has proven a good stategy for the Republican party.
2) There is still time for McCain to come back and win the election.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on:
- What will be the long term impact of the nasty tone that is coming out of McCain's rallies in the past couple of days? (Reference in particular to 9 Oct 08)
- If your rallies are getting people so worked up that those in attendance are making threats of violence against others, what is the leader's role in that situation.
- Is this getting to the point of "I can't win this thing, so I'm going to inflict as much damage as possible."

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