Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Why another blog?

We've been using various methods of sharing information about the upcoming election. Some of the information has been simply passed on to get a rise out of the reader. Some has been inflamatory and false. Neither of these methods are helpful in pulling together the necessary information to make an informed decision.

The purpose of this blog is to put issues on the table one at a time and get feedback -- with the understanding that there should be room for discussion among intelligent people realizing that it is OK to disagree. There is a personal value to be gained from stating a case and defending it to a group of peers who bring their own unique perspectives and life experiences to their judgements and positions. We may disagree because we have different core values or we may disagree because of the personal impact of an issue. In the end, if we can form a better understanding of why we feel the way we do about issues, we may be able to serve this diverse country of ours more effectively.

This is not a place to cut-and-paste what some talk show host says or for picking fights. If you can back up your information with reliable sources, provide a link to that content. I want to hear your thoughts on the issues, not what someone has told you you should think.

With that, let's get started! The first posting will go up on Friday, September 5. If you would like to suggest an issue for discussion, please submit it through the comments.

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