Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My Energy Plan

The price of gasoline recently dropped over 50 cents per gallon in our area. Crude oil has dropped from a high of $148.50 to $106.60 today. According to the analysts, the drop in prices was due to the sudden reduction in consumption and possibly a correction among the speculators.

If you could write a comprehensive energy policy, how would you construct it? More drilling for oil, more electricity from nuclear power, incentives for consumer level solar and wind initiatives? Give it your best shot. Make our country energy self-sufficient in the next 10 years.

  • It would appear that conservation can have a significant impact on the market.
  • Is $4.00/gallon the tipping point for consumers between consumption and conservation?
  • Benefits of new offshore drilling and drilling in Alaska are years from impacting the price at the pump.
  • What impact would a gas-tax holiday have on consumption and personal savings?
  • Should the price of gas be left to go wherever it wants and if you can pay for it, you get to consume it?
  • Should the federal government establish its own oil busines (exploration, production and refining capabilities) in the name of national security to protect the source and supply of petroleum for the Defense Department?

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Anonymous said...

$4.00 appears to have been the tipping point. Unfortunately, I think it has also set a new floor of tolerance in pricing. Ah, to have the good old days back -- my last fillup for under a buck a gallon was under Clinton.